"Education is not for mere living;     
it is for a fuller life, a more meaningful
and worthwhile life."

  "The most precious gift of education is character."            

Toogoolawa Schools are an alternative provider of education for boys aged 9-14 years who have dropped out of, or are no longer welcome in, mainstream schooling.

The present School is situated in Ormeau, Queensland, about 30kms south of Brisbane, just off the M1.

The School is registered with Queensland government and the curriculum is based on the Department of Education requirements; however the emphasis in not so much on academic achievement but more on the development of good character.

The Toogoolawa model is unique to the School and has been designed to revolve around the five universal Human Values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence. The practice of ‘mindfulness meditation’ is central to the functioning of the Toogoolawa School.

In the twelve years of Toogoolawa’s operations, over 400 students have benefited from the Education Program. Of these, about one third of the boys have integrated back into mainstream schooling. Others enter traineeships or TAFE courses. Around 85% of the students leave Toogoolawa and take on some form of work or study.

The commitment of each teacher to become an ideal role model for the five Human Values is what seems to make the Toogoolawa model so effective.